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A broken Xiaomi smartphone screen can cause inconvenience during daily usage. At Mobile Labb, we understand the trouble caused by these issues. May it be a slip of hand, a fall from your back pocket are instances where your Xiaomi device’s screen can be damaged. Our technicians have more than 10 years of experience with Xiaomi screen replacement services. 

Mobile Labb provides complete service support for a wide range of mobile phone repair services including battery replacement and motherboard repair.

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To ensure their functionality and extended lifespan, appropriate repair and maintenance of your Xiaomi gadgets are imperative. The problem might go beyond mere broken screen to affect your device as a whole.

Hoarding themselves into a spider-web-like design beared by simple white cracks in the screen of Xiaomi mobiles, would only aggravate when ignored. This would affect the aesthetics of your device and can also be the pathway for further interior damage.


There are very common issues that are related to Xiaomi Screen Replacement.


  • Malfunctioning Touch Screen

The first thing that will be compromised with a broken screen is its touch screen functionality. Your phone may take longer to respond to finger gestures, or worse, stop responding altogether.


Your device may open apps you did not click on, or perform some other function when you click on another, or may even shut down automatically on their own.


  • Loss of Protection

The outer screen protects the interior from foreign objects and other harm. This protection is no longer possible with a cracked screen as finger oils, debris, dust, and moisture can now make their way through the cracked lines, further damaging your phone.


  • Splinters

A cracked screen puts your fingers at risk from cuts as you try to swipe across your screen as usual. The shattered glass splinters may be tiny but extremely sharp, and you could injure yourself.


  • Poor Display Quality and Eye Strain

The quality of display and visibility will reduce once your screen breaks. This will leave you with an eyesore from trying to read your messages or viewing other media content through the cracks and splinters of your device.


  • Radiation exposure

Smartphones are already emitting a significant amount of radiation, but not to a level that it could or would be harmful to humans. However, once your screen gets cracked, it allows for more smartphone radiation to escape.


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Tips for maintaining your Xiaomi

  • Use high-quality screen protectors for your mobile.
  • Reboot your phone regularly.
  • Update the used apps and delete the unnecessary ones.
  • Learn the art of storage management and keep freeing up space on your device.
  • Keep clearing the unnecessary cookies.
  • Remove cases while keeping your phone on the charging cable.
  • Don’t fully charge your Xiaomi and also don’t fully discharge the same.

How To Repair Your Xiaomi Screen ​

The broken screen can take place in two ways.

The glass protector on the top of the screen can break while the main screen is protected, or the glass cover and the main screen are broken. 

  • If the glass protector is broken, then the Xiaomi Screen Repair Cost is very low. It takes hardly 10 minutes to change the glass cover.
  • Once the main screen is cracked, the mobile needs to be taken to the service center. This process is time-consuming, and the mobile needs to be kept for 4-5 days. Although you get your mobile screen in good condition, this is a costly way of repairing it.

These are the reasons why we have established ourselves as the leading players in the repair service sector. Irrespective of the cause and condition of your broken Xiaomi screen, we will get it repaired and functioning for you in no time. Schedule an appointment with us or get your repair quote today!

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