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Xiaomi Power Button Repair/ Sound Button Repair

Do you have issue with the power and volume buttons on your Xiaomi device? Is it no longer possible to turn your Xiaomi model on or off? This problem is inconvenient since it prohibits your Xiaomi smartphone from taking screenshots, turning off your phone, or putting it to sleep. You will need to go for your Xiaomi power button repair to get rid of this problem.


We at Mobile Labb have technicians who are highly skilled with the Xiaomi models and can get your power button repair done in minimum time at affordable prices. 

Mobile Labb provides complete mobile service repair support for a wide range of Xiaomi smart phone models including battery replacement and motherboard repair. We provide other smart phone repair such as iPhone restoration and replacement.

Indications of damage to Xiaomi power button or sound button

  • It is difficult to switch on or off the phone.
  • Unable to lower or increase the sound volume.
  • The phone keeps rebooting itself.
  • The battery is drains very quickly. 

Try to discover whether the issue is related to a hardware or software issue as much as possible. If you want to troubleshoot and try to find out what is wrong with your Xiaomi device, consider the following workarounds. Otherwise, you might want to consider bringing your device to a smart phone service and repair center like Mobile Labb.

What are the solutions to deal with a faulty Xiaomi power button?

If your Xiaomi phone buttons are not working, there’s a chance a software glitch might have caused the malfunction. Your first order of business is to perform a simple reboot. This will restart all background services and refresh your phone’s core components in case something had crashed or malfunctioned. If the volume button is broken, it needs to be changed.

First: Attempt a hard reset. To enter recovery mode on the Xiaomi model, press the physical keys.


  • For around 10 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons.
  • When the MI logo shows, release the Power button but keep the Volume Up button pressed down.
  • Release the Volume up button when the Recovery Mode screen shows.
  • Select Wipe & Reset from the Recovery Mode panel with the Volume Down key, then confirm with the Power key.
  • Toggle the Wipe All Data option with the Volume Down key, then confirm with the Power key.
  • To confirm the action, press the Power key while holding down the Volume Down key.


Second: Use data extraction/recovery tools for Android.


  • On your computer, download and run the Android Recovery program.
  • Make sure that the software you download matches the minimal requirements and is compatible with the operating system on your system.
  • Select the Windows version of the software if you are using a Windows PC; otherwise, choose the Mac compatible version.
  • Use the USB cord that came with your Xiaomi model to connect it to your computer.
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Tips for maintenance of Xiaomi phone buttons

  1. Check on the charging ports and charger that could contribute to damage
  2. Examine the area for any physical or liquid damage.
  3. Keep all the data backup of the phone on your PC
  4. Use your laptop or a power bank to charge your device. Some consumers were able to get a temporary cure by connecting their phones to a different power source. It turns out that charging the phone at a greater or lower voltage or output power can fix the problem.
  5. Remove any hardware that is linked to the device, such as an SD card. A faulty SD card inserted into the device can cause a similar problem.
  6. By hitting and holding the Menu or Volume Down button on your Android phone, you can put it into Safe Mode.

Where to seek professional Xiaomi phone repair help in Singapore?

If you think that the situation is out of your hands then you should reach out to a reliable Xiaomi phone service and repair center like us Mobile Labb. Mobile Labb is one of the leading smart phone service repair center in Singapore for your Xiaomi device as we offer the best repair service with certified and experience phone repair technicians. 

Our technicians is very experienced in handling Xiaomi smart phone issues and can get your work done within 60 minutes* or less. Here, the Xiaomi Power button repair cost is very affordable. Moreover, we offer a 30-days warranty for all of our repair works. 

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