#1 Xiaomi Housing Replacement/ Back Glass Repair In Singapore

Xiaomi Housing Replacement/ Back Glass Repair In Singapore

The back glass of a phone is its support and it can be frustrating if it is broken or cracked down. We at Mobile Labb provide all the necessary repairs and replacements for your phone housing or back glass within minimum time. Our team of technicians has been professionally trained and provides quality mobile repair works.

Mobile Labb provides a full range of mobile repair and servicing works. Including iPhone screen repair, Samsung screen repair and Xiaomi screen repair.

Xiaomi Housing/ Back Glass

The back glass or housing of a mobile device is an important part of any smartphone. However, they can be damaged easily. The most common issue is cracked or shattered back glass, which are usually caused by drops. When the back glass of a phone is damaged, it usually has an effect on the phone’s front screen as well. In extreme cases, both the back glass and the front screen need to be replaced. Xiaomi screen repair Singapore price can be expensive depending on model and if is there any internal damage. Some issues due to cracked back glass may include

Common causes of back glass damage


Extreme temperature

When heated, glass expands, and when cold, it contracts. The back glass of a car can be damaged if it is left in direct sunlight for several hours on a hot summer day before blasting the air conditioner. The strain on the rear glass can be destructive if the temperature changes abruptly from one extreme to the other.


Liquid spills

If your phone is dropped into water or you mistakenly spill any liquid on the phone then it can affect the external as well as internal parts of the phone.


Accidental drop

Accidental drops are the biggest reason for backglass and screen damage. This can happen while walking down the stairs, a slip from the back pocket, and such.


Swollen battery

If you leave a swollen lithium-ion battery in your gadget, it can be highly harmful. It may be perforated, allowing dangerous gases to escape.

Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to protect the back glass and the screen of a Xiaomi model

Why Mobile Labb for camera repair in Singapore will be most suitable for you?

We have established a reputation as the best in the area as a result of the efforts we put forth to ensure that our customers have a positive experience. Our team of experts handles everything, from a slight crack to a completely shattered back glass.

 We ensure that the job is completed in less than 60 minutes to minimize client disruption and at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, we offer a 10-day warranty to allow customers to double-check their decision to come to us. All of these characteristics combine to make Mobile Labb the best Xiaomi back glass repair Singapore has to offer.

 With back glass repair and replacements, we can handle a variety of other Xiaomi repairs. Thus, you can contact us at any moment to schedule a service appointment.

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