#1 Xiaomi Charging Port Repair In Singapore

Xiaomi Charging Port Repair In Singapore

At Mobile Labbs, we are aware of how a mobile with a problematic charging port feels like. We are consumers too! XiaoMi mobile charging port malfunctioning can be caused by improper handling of the charging ports, like jerking the charging cable aggressively, forced removal, or inserting of the charging cable, spilling of water or any other liquids, accumulation of dust in the port etc. Mobile Labb provide a wide range of mobile repair services for Xiaomi mobile phones. With over 10 years of mobile repair experience and workmanship, we provide one of the best XiaoMi mobile repair services in Singapore. 

We also provide complete phone repair service support for a wide range of major mobile brands like Huawei and Oppo. Our mobile repair service includes battery replacement, motherboard repair as well as restoration and replacement.

Common Xiaomi Mobile Charging Port Malfunctioning Issues

Broken charging ports cause slow charging and in some cases no charging at all. This may cause a decrease in battery efficiency/ battery health. If the charging port problem is caused by dust or some particles, it might be resolved easily by clearing the area. However in some cases, it may cause some internal components to be damaged as well. 

These are some of the techniques to check your Xiaomi charging port-

  • Check the charging speed of your XiaoMi device. Usually, XiaoMi mobiles take less than 30 mins to charge roughly 50%. 
  • Check if the device is over heating up during charging. Over heating can be caused by the charging ports malfunctioning. 
  • See if there is any dust/ particles inside the ports, which also causes irregular charging of your Xiaomi device.

Steps To Clean Xiaomi Mobile Charging Port

Cleaning the charging port is extremely important to maintain good battery health and regular charging speed of the mobile.

To clean your XiaoMi mobile charging socket follow these steps-

  1. Take a swab or a toothpick-tangled with cotton.
  2. Gently clean the surface of the port. Don’t rub harshly.
  3. Now clean the part around the pin inside the port very gently.
  4. Then clean the inner walls of the port.

Remember to clean the port with great interest and do it cautiously, so you don’t damage the internals.

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Tips To Preserve Your Charging Port

Preserving a charging port is a good way to avoid unnecessary problems. Sometimes it is nothing in our hands to keep them safe, but we can follow these necessary steps-

    1. Keep Your Xiaomi devices away from water or any kind of liquids.
    2. Keep them away from dusty places, at least cover them when you are carrying them to a dust place.
    3. Insert the charging cables gently, without force pushing or pulling off.
    4. Avoid jerking the cable which causes the ports to loosen the grip, so the charging pin doesn’t fit properly. Keep these things in mind to preserve your Xiaomi devices’ charging ports

Mobile Labbs - Synonym Of Great Xiaomi Mobile Phones Service
Here’s How:

At Mobile Labb, our mobile repair experts analyze your mobile device and by going through several processes to check the condition of your mobile, i.e diagnosing it thoroughly. With over 10 years of experience in the mobile repair and service industry, our technicians can pin point the issue with your mobile and resolve it in the the shortest possible time. Mobile Labb provide complete servicing of your mobile phone, from deep cleaning to fixing the cracked screen. Mobile Labb is a one stop solution for all your mobile repair servicing needs.

Getting your mobile phones repaired/ serviced by a unlicensed mobile repair shop can maybe resolve the issue with your mobile momentarily. However, remember that these are only temporary solutions and there is a good chance that the issue may arise again in no time. In some cases, aggravate the problems.

 At Mobile Labb, we are confident in all our mobile repair and replacement work. Take for example XiaoMi mobile charging port problems, we provide value for money quality repair workmanship. The XiaoMi charging port repair cost in Singapore can be extensively high as compared to what we have. We believe in providing great mobile repair services at an affordable price, encompassed with the 10 years’ experience that helps in a great way of achieving this.  When it comes to sensitive parts like charging ports, you need experts to handle them. Book an appointment with us now!

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