#1 Xiaomi Battery Replacement/ Motherboard Repair Services In Singapore

Xiaomi Battery Replacement/ Motherboard Repair Services In Singapore

In the modern era, mobile phones are used on a daily basics. Be it for leisure or for business. Xiaomi smart phones are one of the most preferred smart phone by many young youths, who love playing games and taking amazing photos. We, at Mobile Labbs, understand that one needs to keep the battery and motherboard in prestige condition, but there comes times when the battery capacity drops, or there arises issues with the motherboard of the device. 

We, at Mobile Labbs, performs diagnosis on the smart phone and resolve issues that is or may be related to battery replacement and motherboard servicing of Xiaomi phones in Singapore. With more than 10 years of experience and quality repair services, we provide quality Xiaomi Battery Replacement and motherboard repairing services for our customers.

We, at Mobile labb, provide complete Xiaomi phone repair service support for a wide range of Xiaomi smart phones including battery replacement, motherboard repair as well as Xiaomi restoration and replacement.

How To Check The Xiaomi Battery Life?

There is a secret menu in MIUI that provides features to know the status of the battery life of your Xiaomi device. This feature helps to assess and prevent the need for Xiaomi Battery Replacement in the future. With the basic steps, one can get access to the hidden menu in MIUI. There are only a few steps to check the battery status of your Xiaomi smartphones.


  • The first thing is that one needs to enter the provided number and access the telephone application system.
  • You will be automatically introduced to a new window, which you can skip. Here you will get some of the details of the health and condition of the battery.
  1. MB_06: Here, we get to know about the battery of the smartphone in English.
  2. MF_02: Choose the details of the charging cycles if used for the first time.
  3. MF_00:The actual battery percent can be calculated here.

How To Protect Xiaomi Motherboard?

The most important thing to make your Xiaomi Android device work faster is to preserve and protect the motherboard. With several tips, you can minimize the effects on the motherboard.

  • Dusting Ventilators: Ventilators mostly come packed, whose purpose is to provide airflow. One needs to keep in check that there is no obstruction with dust accumulation, so the ventilators must be kept clean at all time.


  • Get Surge Protector: The motherboard is a very crucial component of a Xiaomi device. With a power surge, make sure to minimize the risk of permanent damage to the Xiaomi motherboard.


  • Check Short Circuits: One needs to check the internal wiring system of their Xiaomi device. The motherboard should not come in contact with any exposed wiring, especially the metal.
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Steps To Check A Faulty Xiaomi Motherboard

Although it is not easy to spot a faulty Xiaomi motherboard, with the steps provided, one can get some guidance and hindsight to checking for faulty motherboards.


  • Greenlight: Are you aware that most motherboards come with greenlight?  The main thing you need to do is to turn on the power supply and check whether the green light is working or not. 
  • Beeping: The motherboards come with built-in self-diagnostic tools, which makes them smart devices. If there is any occurrence of an error, the motherboard will start relaying a series of beeps.
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Tips To Protect Xiaomi Battery Life

In order to extend the battery of Xiaomi mobiles, there is a need to turn off different features. One might get confused as there are various notification buttons available. Here you will get the video to protect and extend your Xiaomi Battery Life. Keep in mind that as simple as it is to turn off the different services, the more simply it can be turned on.

    • Firstly, you need to slide down the top menu list.
    • Then select Toggles. In an updated version, you can directly access the services.
    • If your GPS is on, it might consume a battery charge. To save the battery, turn it off and use the GPS again when needed.
    • Turn off the Bluetooth to save the battery.
    • Reducing the brightness will reduce the battery consumption; in turn, one needs to select the Auto brightness option.
    • Open the list of recently used applications by pressing the Menu Buttons. You can close the apps by swiping them upwards

One of the most common issues face by Xiaomi users is with Xiaomi motherboard. Mobile Labb have established itself as one of the best mobile smart phone repair center in Singapore, customers get the most affordable Xiaomi Battery Replacement Price and an assured 30 days repair warranty* on the workmanship. Besides from Xiaomi motherboard issue, if you are having issues like charging port, volume or power button, you can reach out to us as well! Mobile Labb also provide repair services for other major mobile brands like Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

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