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 Samsung Tablet Vs. iPad; A Competitive Comparison

The technological industry has revolutionized our daily activities. Brands have launched various types of portable devices that have accelerated our tasks and processes. Other than mobile and laptops, tablets are a popular choice among people. Tables are compact electronic devices and possess a PC’s features. One of the main advantages of tablets is portability. A PC will require a specific size and other hardware to assist in functioning. A tablet is more prominent than mobile and provides a big display touch screen. 

Popular brands like Samsung and Apple have launched various types of tablets. Each has a distinctive function and features, making them compatible and competitive. Samsung tablet and iPad are the two most popular tablets. Here we will discuss a competitive comparison to help you in your buying decision. 

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Samsung Tablet Vs. iPad; Which One is Better?

Electronic gadgets are prone to hitches. Before buying, you must analyze multiple aspects like repair services near you. MobileLabb Phone Repair Singapore can assist you in a wide range of repairs and replacements. You should check the essential specs to determine support and durability if your work requires heavy software usage. Let’s get to know the features and functionality of the Samsung Tablet and iPhone. 

  1. Define Your Purpose of Purchase

Before we get into the comparison, you must define your need for buying a tablet. Is it for professional purposes or regular use? Your need will determine the requirement and preferred specs to support your requirement. For work purposes, you will need a high-end tablet with multiple features for support and durability. 

  1. Display and Size

Users choose tablets due to their smaller size and portability. You can carry it and work with ease. Users with creative work will prefer a bigger and better display resolution to support their work quality. An iPad is a 9.7-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1024 × 768 resolution. Samsung Galaxy Tabs have a smaller display size and resolution than an iPad. It is usually a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×600. Its weight is 0.84 pounds. In case of Samsung screen damage, you will need Samsung Tablet Repair in Singapore

  1. Storage and Battery Life 

Most of our professional work requires using electronic gadgets like a laptop or a tablet. Depending upon the job type, you can decide which tablet option is better for you. Here, Samsung tablets are a win as they support external storage devices/cards. Apple iPads have limited storage and do not offer external storage but provide cloud storage. It is a limiting factor for the iPad. But some of the latest iPad models offer highly integrated storage options. 

The battery is one of the most vital specs in tablets. We prefer gadgets with a longer battery life that dies out slowly. Various models of both Samsung tablets and iPad offer long-lasting battery life. iPads claim to have a -hour battery life. In contrast, some models of Samsung tablets offer up to 15 hours long battery life. How a tablet is used also determines the battery life of the tablet. 

  1. Operating System

Samsung Tablets are android based, while an iPad has an iOS operating system. Comparing both operating systems is one of the most widely discussed comparisons. The iOS operating system has a layered architecture, making it more secure. Android operating system is a Linux-based OS providing more incredible user customizability. An iOS operating system offers better durability. Its speed remains consistent. At the same time, the Android system can decline over time. MobileLabb Phone repair in Singapore can improve the software functioning of both iOS and Android operating systems. Our repair experts are familiar with software functionality and can optimize them for durability. 

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  1. Pricing

iPads are a bit expensive as compared to Samsung tablets. It also depends upon the model and specs it includes. If you have a reasonable budget, you can invest in a high-end tablet that can provide you with durability. Whichever you choose, you must practice measures to enhance performance and tablet life.  

  1. Repair Services

Even if you bought the latest iPad or Samsung tablet version, accidents could lead to broken or damaged tablets. You will need to take preventions for an additional protective layer. The type of damage will determine if you need a Samsung tablet repair in Singapore or a replacement. You can get various repair and replacement services at MobileLabb phone repair in Singapore. To avoid further damage, you must assure you get repair services from a trusted place. 

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Which is A Better Option?

Your buying choice will depend upon your budget and type of work requirement. iPad provides more excellent durability than Samsung tablets, but they are slightly heavier. You will find light wright iPads as well. Apple and Samsung have launched tablets for various purposes and with different specs. Define your work type and assess what specs will support your job.

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