Even if you’re very careful with your gadgets, an accidental fall or slip may happen literally anytime. These often cause damages to your device among which, a LCD screen damage is highly probable. Damaged screens are always  bad news for you, which is why we, at Mobile Labbs, the Samsung tablet repair Singapore, are always committed to help you to get your tablet running smoothly again.


We don’t need to tell you how important the touchscreen of your tablet is ! Apart from the functionality troubles, there might be other risks you should be thinking about, like –

  • Cut injury – often screen breaks create tiny but sharp edged glass splinters which can slice your finger while swiping the screen.

  • More damages – The sensitive fine parts are well encased inside your device body. Now, a crack or break means an unwanted, often unnoticed opening that may straight lead to the core of the device. Splashes of water, dust, dirt, even the oil from your finger may enter inside causing further breakdown of your tablet.

  • Radiation – Tablets and smartphones notoriously emit radiation. Mostly, it is under the danger limit so can’t cause any harm. But any breaks or cracks allow more and more radiation to escape. It’ll only lead to serious health issues, as radiation can even cause cancers.


  • Eye strains – Hairline cracks and blackened broken parts on your touchscreen makes it difficult to read the contents and understand the visual data. The compromised display quality imparts excessive strain on your eyes that might get you a headache and more.


  • Information loss – In a touchscreen malfunction, Your touch input will be rendered wrongly that might send misinterpreted information. Also, ghost touches and auto starting of apps are also problematic as they make the normal usage difficult.


Screen damages, at first, often get ignored. You need to understand that a small hairline crack or a tiny broken end at the corner are not the all. It’ll keep building on and finally spreading into spider web like cracks covering the entire screen, compromising the lifespan of your tablet.

Few simple steps to avoid damages :

Follow these tips to avoid damages to your Samsung tablet.

  • Get a durable, good quality back cover.
  • Buy a high quality scratch proof screen protector glass
  • Never hold your tablet in wet or oily hand
  • Keep updating the OS and all apps when new software is available
  • Don’t overburden the device memory, try to keep storage well managed.
  • Backup all important data
  • Don’t leave your device in a public place; and place it properly in your pocket or bag.


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You want your broken tablet to work again ASAP, for which your tablet needs an efficient and appropriate Samsung tablet screen repair service. A good tablet screen repair can also enhance the device longevity. Cheap and quick local repair shops or online DIY hacks can sound cool, but they’re not good enough to fix it all. Such mishandling will only lead to further breakdowns in future.


We, at Mobile labbs, are the authorised Samsung tablet repair service Singapore. With years of experience and excellence in hands-on skill, we provide you with all Samsung tablet repair/Samsung tablet screen repair services you need.

Why is Mobile Labbs the Best Samsung Tablet Service Near Me ?

Being in this industry for more than 10 years as of now, we certainly know the value of hardwork and skillset. A combination of top notch services by well trained repair technicians, all genuine parts and affordable pricing has made us renowned as the most reliable Samsung tablet repair Singapore. We respect your busy schedule. Our technicians are always ready for a fast service that makes your device ready to go again, within 40 minutes or even less. To us, customer satisfaction is above all. With upto 10 days parts warranty on all our Samsung tablet repair works, our experienced and competent workmanship, make it sure that your tablet won't break down again. We know, all these may sound a little too much! Words can be deceptive, so you better see it for yourself. Call us or visit today to experience the best reliable Samsung tablet repair/LCD screen repair service Singapore.

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Tips to protect your iphone battery life

  • Pay attention to how hot or cold your phone becomes
  • Do not close your applications
  • Use low power mode
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the go
  • However, connect to Wi-Fi when available
  • Find out the most battery consuming apps
  • Turn down your brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth while you are at it
  • Refresh background apps
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Ditch vibrate mode
  • Always install iOS updates
  • Check battery performance

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