Samsung Tablet Charging Port Repair

Samsung Tablet Charging Port Repair

Can’t get your Samsung Tab to charge? Are you searching for a trustworthy Samsung Tablet Charging Port Repair Service Singapore? Then rely us, at, Mobile Labbs, for being the safest and inexpensive location to get your Samsung Tab Charging Port repaired. 

What To Do If Your Tablet Is Not Charging?

  • Restart your Tablet

Try resetting your Tablet if there is still any charge left in it.

  • Turn your tablet off.
  • Connect the charger
  • Turn the Tablet back on.

  • Check your Charger

Official Samsung chargers were created with the goal of maximising charging performance. If at all feasible, utilise the charging block and official Samsung cable that came with your tablet. Although most phone chargers and cords appear to be the identical, there could be a significant variation in durability and charging efficiency. Kindly make sure you’re not utilizing counterfeit components if you’re not utilising an approved charger. 

  • Look for any signs of damage

If your charging block or charging cable is damaged, you must cease utilizing it right once.

  • Connect to a different source of power.

Connect your charger to a different power source and see if it helps. For example, rather than charging your smartphone from a laptop or PC, consider charging it from a wall outlet.


  • Check for damage

Destruction of your Tablet’s casing or display may hinder its functionality. Examine the charging port for any indications of harm as well.


In the charging port, plug in a charging wire. It must not wriggle about in the port and must stay snugly. You could always inspect the charging port with a torch for any indications of damage.


If your Tablet’s charging port is damaged, you could schedule a repair.

Safe mode allows you to use your device’s virtual interface, which includes more straightforward menus and the absence of most third-party programmes. Setting your device in Safe mode could assist you to figure out if third-party software is interfering with its charging.

  • Start your Tablet in safe mode.
  • Turn your tablet off.
  • To turn the gadget back on, hold down the power button. Hold down the volume down button while the gadget is booting up until the home screen shows.
  • Safe mode would now appear in the device’s left-hand corner.
  • If your gadget is now charging, it is most probable that a third-party programme is causing the problem.

Why Choose Us For Samsung Tablet Charging Port Repair?

Our services are embodied with years of experience and craftsmanship. Your device gets repaired or the majority of any smartphone issue, on the same day, at affordable prices. 

  • Our helpful experts will get back to you as soon as feasible!
  • We offer device repair in Singapore for battery issues, charging, and Samsung Tab not charging. We can additionally help with software issues, water damage, and motherboard issues.
  • Don’t worry, because our servicing policy includes a 10-day warranty on parts.
  • Can solve your tablet battery issue in one place. For example, we will be pleased to assist you if your Tablet’s battery drains quickly or has charging troubles.


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Some Of The Common Issues That Come Handy To Get Repaired With The Samsung Phones

  • Broken Screen

You could use our solutions to fix problems like a sluggish display, a damaged screen, or a flickering screen.

  • Charging

You could be in connection with us if your charge isn’t operating correctly.

  • Panel on the back

If your device’s back panel is broken or cracked, you may get it repaired with our repair solution.

  • Wi-Fi

We could assist you if you are having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi.

  • Service

If you wish to improve the efficiency of your gadget, feel free to avail our services.


Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to protect your iphone battery life

  • Pay attention to how hot or cold your phone becomes
  • Do not close your applications
  • Use low power mode
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the go
  • However, connect to Wi-Fi when available
  • Find out the most battery consuming apps
  • Turn down your brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth while you are at it
  • Refresh background apps
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Ditch vibrate mode
  • Always install iOS updates
  • Check battery performance

Why Mobile Labb?

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