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Samsung Screen Replacement/ LCD Screen Repair

Holding on to a broken Samsung screen can be a significant impediment, irrespective of it occurring due to a slip of the hand or a accidental drop. Your phone’s screen can not be prevented from getting damaged, but it can definitely be repaired or replaced at ease. We, at Mobile Labb, are well aware of the inconvenience caused by a damaged screen, and we are here to provide you with well-skilled Samsung screen replacement Singapore services by trained professional technicians having more than 10 years of industry experience and quality workmanship. 

We, at Mobile labb, provide complete service support for a wide range of Samsung repair services including battery replacement, motherboard repair as well as Samsung hosing/ back glass restoration and replacement. Same day delivery.

Common Issues Of Using A Broken Screen

To ensure that your digital devices works properly like how it should be and last a longer timeframe, they must be repaired and maintained properly in the event there is any damage. The issues may rise further and get worse if left unattended. Furthermore, the issues could spread to the entire device, making it unfit for daily usage. Minimal cracks on your Samsung device’s screen can grow larger the longer you leave them unattended, eventually, the Samsung screen repair cost may rise with the increasing issues. Moreover, the cracks would detract from the device’s appearance and could lead to more interior damage that we might not be aware of.

  • Touch Screen Error 

The touch screen capability is the first item that will be affected by a damaged Samsung screen. Your phone may take longer to respond to finger motions, or worse, it will not respond at all. Additionally, it may face slow functioning or paused functioning of the phone.


  • Protection Abandonment

The screen shields the device’s internal components from outside forces that could harm it. For example, you would normally clean your phone’s screen with a damp cloth, but this is no longer recommended if the screen is cracked. This is due to the possibility of liquid seeping through the cracks and short-circuiting the internal components of your phone.

  • Splinters

 When you try to swipe through a cracked phone screen as you normally would, you risk cutting your fingertips. You could injure yourself if your phone screen has significant cracks and little glass splinters.


  • Eyestrain

 Smartphones with high-definition displays provide a superb viewing experience for users. However, if this HD screen fails, you will be left with an unpleasing display. Because of the damaged places, looking at the screen and viewing material will be more challenging.

 Smartphones provide GPS and maps to assist users in navigating unfamiliar streets and areas. They frequently take brief looks at their phone’s maps while driving. A shattered screen makes this work more difficult and may cause drivers to lose concentration on the road ahead.


Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips For Maintaining Your Samsung Phone

  • Choose the right screen protector and back cover
  • Reduce the brightness of the display
  • Unused applications should be closed, disabled, or uninstalled
  • Activate power-saving mode
  • Set a timetable or turn off the always-on display( AOD )
  • When not in use, turn off the Wi-Fi
  • Install the latest device software
  • Check the signal bars
  • Keep an eye on how often it synchronizes data
  • To avoid discharging the battery

Why Mobile Labb?

Because of the efforts we put into making our customers’ experience as good as it can be; we have made a name for ourselves as the best phone repair service in the area. At Mobile Labbs, our team of professionals technicians manage everything from a minor crack to a completely smashed Samsung screen. We make sure that the work is done in less than 60 minutes* to prevent inconveniences to the customers at very pocket friendly prices. Moreover, we provide 30 days* of repair warranty on parts, giving our customers peace of mind coming to us for their device’s repair work. All these features about Mobile Labb makes it the best Samsung screen replacement service provider in Singapore. Along with screen replacements, we also provide other repair works of Samsung and other brands, also including tablets and smart watches. You can contact us or book an appointment by clicking on the link here.    

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