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Samsung Housing/ Back Glass Repair/ Replacement

A phone’s back glass/ rear glass is its support, and it can be aggravating if it is shattered or cracked. At Mobile Labbs, we understand your circumstances, and deliver all essential repairs and replacements in a timely manner. Our well-trained professional staff delivers the best Samsung housing replacement service for your concerns.

Common Samsung phone housing/ Back Glass issues

Smartphone housing and back glass are essential components, yet they, like all electronics, are likely damaged. The most common problem is cracked or shattered displays, which are often the result of falls. Damage to the back glass affects the screen as well, necessitating replacement or repair, given that Samsung screen repair Singapore price is likely to be high. Some of the concerns that can arise as a result of shattered back glass inclusive of:

  • Screen brightness is low.
  • Touch feature that only works once in a while or not at all
  • On the display screen, there are lines.
  • Color degradation on LCDs.
  • The phone’s screen is protruding from the shell.

Common causes of back glass damage


Extreme temperature

The glass starts expanding when heated and contracting when cooled. Sudden changes in temperatures may affect the housing/ back glass of your Samsung device.


Spills of liquid

If in any case you drop your phone in water or spill any liquid on it by accident, it can damage both the external and internal portions of the phone. Causing damage to the housing/ back glass of the device which may be invisible to the naked eyes.


Accidental fall

The most common cause of back glass and screen damage is accidental drops. This can happen while walking, running, or a sudden slip of the device from your pocket.


Battery has swelled

It can be quite dangerous to leave a bloated lithium-ion battery in your device. It is possible that it will be perforated, enabling hazardous gases to escape. In extreme cases, continuous charging of the device might even cause an explosion. In such cases, it can be potentially life threatening.

Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to protect the back glass and the screen of Samsung phone

  • Use screen protectors made of tempered glass to safeguard your screen from damage.
  • Wallet covers, which have a separate cover for the screen, provide the best protection.
  • To avoid dust and moisture accumulation, clean both the screen and the rear glass with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.
  • You avoid battery swelling, be sure to charge the phone properly. Do not use the charger from another device. Do not fully charge, i.e. 100 percent. It shortens life expectancy. As a result, take it one step at a time.
  • If the phone becomes wet, dry it as soon as possible. If you drop it in a salty or sugary beverage, clean it with water or alcohol right away because salt and sugar promote corrosion inside the phone. After drying it, take it to a professional for a replacement if necessary.
  • A hard reset is another user-repair option, however, users should be warned that doing so will wipe out all data on the Samsung device, including personal information, and should only be done at their own risk.

Mobile Labb for Samsung repairs

As a consequence of our efforts to guarantee that our clients have a great phone repair experience, we have earned a reputation as one of the best Samsung device repair and replacement service provider in Singapore. From a minor fracture to an aggravated cracked back glass to your Samsung device, our team of specialists can handle it all. To minimize client inconvenience, we promise to deliver the repair job in less than 60 minutes* or less and at a very competitive repair cost.

We moreover, provide a 30 days* warranty to provide customers the opportunity to double-check the repair work after its done. With that, Mobile Labbs is considered the best Samsung housing back glass repair service center in Singapore because of all these quantities and what we have to offer to out customers.

Besides Samsung housing and back glass repair, we at Mobile Labb can handle a wide range of Samsung device repairs such as screen repair and camera repair. To find out more information about our repair services, book an appointment with us by clicking on the link here.

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