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The best camera is that which you can carry all the time, which is, of course, your phone camera. At Mobile Labbs, we understand that your phone camera is the most unprotected part of your Samsung device, as it stays protruded outside the hard housing or back cover and screen protector as well. A sudden little fall or a splash of water might be enough to damage your Samsung phone front/back camera, sometimes even internal bugs can make your phone camera dysfunctional.

Don’t worry, we got it covered. At Mobile labbs, we provide all sorts of Samsung phone front/ back camera repair works, done with experience by our expert technicians.

We, at Mobile labb, provide complete service support for a wide range of Samsung smart phone repair services including battery replacement, motherboard repair as well as Samsung restoration and replacement on the same day.

Dangers Of A Broken Phone Camera

A broken phone camera doesn’t only make the photography difficult, it also affects the whole user experience and lessens the basic functionalities. It’s dangerous because –

  • Cut injury – Broken glass shards are always risky. Tiny sharp ends can give you a cut injury anytime.

  • Health hazards – Smartphones emit radiation constantly, but usually, the level is low as it stays limited inside your device. Any broken part leads to an open passage that leads to more harmful radiation to escape.

  • More performance issues – Often, your Samsung phone camera stops working following a software issue or any internal bug. Not fixing it fast will lead to further performance problems.


If your camera stops working suddenly, first check if it’s a temporary issue.

  • Open the back case, remove the battery and clean it. Then attach it again and switch on the device to check the camera function.
  • Open the memory card slot and clean the memory card. Place it properly and try switching on the device to check the camera.


If the phone camera is still malfunctioning, contact a professional Samsung camera repair service center immediately. The Samsung phone camera repair involves 20+ consecutive steps that can only be performed by an authorized Samsung camera repair technician. Do not try and attempt to go for cheap alternatives, it may lead to further damages due to mishandling and improper camera repair work.

We, at Mobile Labbs, have technicians who are well trained and authorized to perform Samsung phone repair in Singapore. Our professional technicians are equipped with all the technology and skills needed to give your broken Samsung phone front/back camera a new life.

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You can avoid everyday damages by following a few simple safety measures like:

  • Use protective hard cases to save your device.
  • Get a good quality screen guard for better protection from scratches, breaks, and water, dirt, etc.
  • Use separate glass covers for your phone camera as well.
  • Update your device to the latest software release. This helps to avoid major system bugs.
  • Don’t try DIY hacks on your device. Those experiments can cause real damages to your phone.
  • Clean your phone camera with clean oil-free cotton regularly, to avoid hazy photos and greasy deposits on the lens.
  • Hold your device firmly while using it.


  • Top-notch professional services, genuine parts, and customer-friendly help desk has made us regarded as the Best Samsung Phone camera repair services center, Singapore.
  • We respect your busy schedule. Customers being our priority, we provide fast Samsung phone camera repair works that take 40 minutes or even less*.
  • Repeated phone breakdowns are annoying, that’s why our competent staff make sure that the repair is done properly and professionally. Also, we offer up to 30 days* of parts warranty on all our repair services.

Having over 10+ years of experience in the Samsung phone repair industry, our customers rate us as the most popular and skilled Samsung phone camera repair services provider in Singapore. Contact us and experience the best in-state Samsung phone camera repair today.

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