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Samsung Battery Replacement/ Motherboard Repair In Singapore

Samsung motherboard repair is a very common and aggravating issue with Android devices. The motherboard of a phone is a critical component that will have a significant impact on how the phone function. It requires very experienced phone repair technicians for Samsung battery replacement or motherboards. We at Mobile Labb offers you the most reliable Samsung motherboard and battery replacement service with more than 10 years of industry experience and workmanship.

We offer a complete package of repair and servicing services related to every major smart phone brand. Including but not limited to Samsung battery replacement and motherboard repair services. Shorted motherboard, hard disc, U2 IC, Touch IC are some of the common Samsung motherboard replacement issues that we faced. Our highly professional and certified technicians will be looking into all the issues, followed by a detailed diagnosis and notifying customers of any malfunctioning components. Only after confirmation, our specialists begin with the repair process.

Mobile Labb provides complete service support for a wide range of other smart phone brands including Apple iPhone repair services as well as Xiaomin smart phone restoration and replacement.

Importance of Motherboard Repair

The motherboard in your Samsung device is a very crucial and complicated component. Your phone will stop functioning if the motherboard is faulty.

Being something similar to what a CPU is for a personal computer, motherboard is the core of the entire Samsung smart phone. Multiple important components of your phone are held together by it.

Moreover, its malfunctioning can affect your phone in the worst ways. As a result, it is critical to figure out if your phone is not functioning well because of a faulty motherboard and get it replaced immediately.

How To Spot A Faulty Motherboard?

Your phone’s motherboard is the most if not one of the most sophisticated component in the entire device. If its not functioning properly, your entire phone will cease working. You can say it works similarly to the CPU of a computer system, and is responsible for holding several important components together. Furthermore, its failure can have a drastic negative impact on your phone. With that reason, determining if your Samsung phone malfunction is due to a faulty motherboard is very  crucial and important.

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Causes of motherboard malfunctioning


Serious fall/ physical damage

If the phone suffers any physical damage, such as accidental drops, then the internal components may be damaged. Due to pressure of the drop, the motherboard will be the most impacted component as compared to the other parts. This might cause the internal circuits to fail, causing significant issues with the motherboard.


Long Hours of gameplay

High graphics demanding games cause overheating and it is quite common among smart phone users. Overheating can cause internal damage to the motherboard. When a battery is being drained and charged regularly, it might become overheated. As a result, high-end games drain the battery of the device relatively quickly, resulting in overheating.


Dirt in system

Dust and debris can easily cause damage to your Samsung phone, if not taken care of. The motherboard’s lifespan can be shortened when there is too much dirt on your phone. The dust and dirt might find its way into the internal housing of the phone causing internal damage that may not be visible to the naked eyes.


Liquid/ water

If your phone is not sufficiently protected from moisture, it will be subject to external factor that may cause severe damage to your Samsung phone. When it is exposed to liquid/ moisture, the internal circuit might suffer complications and damage.

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Tips to protect your Samsung Phone battery life

Where Can I Find The Best Samsung Battery Replacement/ Motherboard Repair In Singapore?

Finding a Samsung battery replacement service center in Singapore is not an easy task. There several things that should be taken into consideration before opting which phone repair service center to go to for battery replacement service. If not chosen properly, some customers might get a non genuine part replaced into your device without your knowledge. To avail such services, always choose experienced and verified phone service center Mobile Labbs. We, at Mobile Labb, offer the best professionals phone repair service for your device.

The technicians from Mobile Labb are well very trained in dealing with Samsung smart phones and they have more than 10 years of phone repair service. On top of that, Mobile Labb ensure our customers that we will try to complete the repair work within 60 minutes*. The Samsung battery replacement price will be including of any other additional service or labor charges. Our customers will also get a free diagnosis of their device. Moreover, Mobile Labb provides customers with a repair warranty of 30 days* after replacement on parts, assuring quality service and workmanship.

Why Mobile Labb?

If you are facing challenges in finding an appropriate Samsung repair center in Singapore for repair services like battery repair and motherboard repair, you should consider visiting us at Mobile Labb. We have professionals with more than 10 years of experience with Android devices. Be it Samsung screen repair, motherboard repair or back glass replacements. Besides Samsung phone repair services, Mobile Labb do provide repair service for Apple iPhone battery replacement and cracked screen.

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Today, Samsung battery replacement service cost can be high, so consumers need to choose the phone repair service shop carefully before they proceed. In Mobile Labb, we understand customers’ value and we strive to provide the best phone repair in Singapore.

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