Ten most common reasons for mobile phone repairs

Mobile phones have turned into an inevitable part of our life. They have become a prime part of everyday tasks like correspondence, communication, Social media, web browsing, taking pictures, and recordings.

To such an extent, most of us get addicted to our cell phones and need our gadgets to work without a hitch constantly.

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In any case, mobiles are, in the end, machines, helpless and prone to bugs, crashes, and different issues over the long run. Furthermore, at whatever point cell phones foster any case, we can’t resist the need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The good news is that a good part of cell phone issues are effectively fixable at home, particularly assuming you realize what has caused the problem.

But as we discussed earlier, cell phones are machines and prone to issues that sometimes can’t be settled without help from an expert.

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Here are the top 10 common reasons for mobile phones repairs;

Broken phone screen. Do you know that the majority of cell phone users all around the world have encountered the broken screen issue at least once in their life? The main reasons behind this to happen are:

  • A sudden fall
  • Slipping the mobile phone at a rush place
  • Sitting on the cell phone while it’s in your back pocket
  • Placing the cell phone with metal keys in the bag, and so on

While it’s very obvious to panic when you see your phone screen broken, you should avoid wasting your time over the sorrow of your broken screen and look for the best possible resolutions around. Some cell phone companies provide a first-year broken screen warranty or some insurance, so first check that too. When the phone screen gets damaged, the most practicable preference is getting it fixed or swapped from a reliable mobile phone repair service centre in Singapore such as Mobile Labb Singapore. This will give you a better chance of getting an original screen replacement professionally and at affordable rates.

  1. Charging Port Issue

Whenever your cell phone encounters slow or no charging, regularly the main reason is a defective charging port. There’s a little metal connector in the USB Port that isn’t connecting with the mobile phone port accurately, and the reasons could be any of the underneath:

  • Trash or dust blocking the contact or preventing appropriate power supply to the gadget.
  • Brought about by consumption when your cell phone gets wet or you put it in a high humid temperature. 
  • Your phone’s hardware is damaged, typically when you drop the phone.
  • You can effectively fix this issue at home on the off chance that it isn’t equipment-related. Clean the port utilizing a needle and delicate cotton. Change the pin delicately to the middle or according to your charger’s pin shape.

Yet, before attempting this hack, remember to utilize an alternate information link and charger to affirm that it’s the port to blame. If the problem persists, visit your mobile phone repair service centre for an expert fix. You can count on Mobile Labb Singapore.


  1. Water Damage

Did you drop tea/espresso on your Xiaomi mobile phone? Or, on the other hand, your cell phone took a dip in a water tub/pool or, worse, in the toilet. Whatever the cause, water harm is dreadful and frequently accompanies irreversible issues to your cell phone. Such problems cannot be resolved at home. Thus, you require a mobile phone repair service centre in Singapore. You can get Xiaomi phone repair services at Mobilelabb Singapore.

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  1. Battery Draining Fast

This is one more typical cell phone issue that cell phone users frequently go over for cell phone repair.


  1. Speaker Not Working

This is also a prevalent cell phone issue. The speaker of your phone becomes out of order. Suppose you ensure that the speaker settings are accurate. Check that maybe the volume is set excessively low. Increase the volume and check whether it works. Something else that needs your consideration is the “Don’t Disturb” mode. If you realize that the above techniques don’t work, visit a mobile repair services centre.


  1. Repeated Hanging

A hanging mobile phone is generally an indication of your gadget RAM being overused, Or then again, there are some malware applications present on the cell phone. This problem is seen in Xiaomi phones. If this bug is not solved, go for Xiaomi phone repair services.


  1. Camera Flashlight – Unresponsive

If you see that the flashlight of your cell phone camera is unresponsive, you should visit an expert in a mobile phone repair service centre in Singapore or consider Mobilelabb Singapore.


  1. Buttons Not Working

The issue of cell phone buttons not working is generally connected with software issues. Some incompatible applications or programming issues may be a hindrance if your cell phone’s soft keys are not working. In any case, stress not, there are experts in mobile phone repair centres to fix it.


  1. Mobile Phone Overheating

Each cell phone produces heat through three fundamental parts: CPU, battery, and screen. Minor warming of your phone is OK, mainly when you’ve been using the phone for quite a while. Still, if the phone gets too hot, it’s an issue caused either by software or an application.


  1. Cell Phones Have Been Locked.

One of the most common reasons cell phones are shipped off to a repair center is that they have been locked, and you can’t utilize them any longer. You might have changed the secret password, and now you fail to remember the code to use even. And now you can never again decode your phone’s password, now is the right time to get it fixed right away through a mobile phone repair service centre in Singapore.

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