#1 iphone housing replaement/ back glass Repair Services

iPhone Housing Replacement / Back Glass Repair

Your iPhone can face back glass/ housing damage anytime, usually after an accidental drop on the sidewalk, fall from high places such as the bed or sofa, or any other instances.

A broken device is difficult to handle and may not work properly, which is when we Mobile Labb, the most trusted iPhone repair service provider in Singapore can help you with an iPhone back glass/iPhone housing replacement.

Being in this industry for more than 10 years, we at Mobile Labbs, provide competent iPhone repair workmanship.

Why & When Housing Replacement for iPhone is Necessary?

Any gadget including iPhones work better with proper care and maintenance. For longer durability with maximum functionality, you shouldn’t delay with your iPhone housing replacement, when needed.

The main housing of your device is generally made up of surgical-grade stainless steel, and on its back is a single piece of machine glass with optical coating for extra durability. A broken glass not only looks bad, but it also makes your iPhone vulnerable to other risks, like water damage or dirt/dust damages.

It’s quite difficult to detach the tightly glued backglass from the housing, also there are risks of back camera and FaceID damages. So we generally suggest a total iPhone housing replacement with new back glass attached. If your housing is intact, we also offer separate back glass repairs, which costs less. Mobile Labb offers free diagnosis. Book an appointment with us now!

Dangers of a broken iPhone back glass/housing

  1. Risk of injury: Even if tiny, glass shards are always dangerous. As you hold your phone, the sharp ends of glass splinters and broken housing can give you a cut injury, anytime.
  2. Less Protection: The back glass and housing encase the internal body of your iPhone. Once these are broken, there’s a higher chance of damage to internal parts as dust, water and even oils from your finger can easily enter inside through the cracks.
  3. Radiation hazards: Smartphones are known for emitting radiation, but generally it is under the approved upper limit. So no harmful effects are reported. But a break in the housing  will certainly expose you to health hazards, as more radiation get to escape easily.

For all these reasons, you shouldn’t neglect or ignore a broken iPhone back glass/ housing.

Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services

Why Choose Mobile Labb For For iPhone Repair Singapore?

We don’t boast. It’s our hard work and commitment towards better customer services that have put us in the front row of the iPhone repair and servicing business in Singapore. Words can be deceptive, why not visit us and experience the best-in-state iPhone repair Singapore today!


With Professional service, original parts and excellent customer care services, we are regarded as the most trusted iPhone repair Singapore by thousands of satisfied customers.


We're equipped to maintain the pace with your busy schedule. Get your device functioning as good as new, within 60 minutes or even less (T&C applied).


With more than 10 years of experience, our expertise certainly is worth your trust. Be it hairline cracks or a fully shattered glass, our skills and advanced care ensure a new life to your iPhone.


Also, our services are cost effective. You don't have to worry again and again, as we provide up to 10 days parts warranty on all the repairs and upgrades.

Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to Avoid broken back glass/housing damages:

  • Get a hard back cover.
  • Don’t hold your device in a wet or oily hand.
  • Put it inside a bag or properly into your pocket.
  • Don’t try DIY hacks on your phone.
  • Don’t leave the device unattended at public places.
  • Always backup your important data beforehand.


If you’re going for an iPhone housing replacement, local mobile repair shops can sound economical but probably, mishandling and poor quality parts wouldn’t do much good to your expensive iPhone.

Why Mobile Labb?

If you are facing trouble in finding an appropriate place for iPhone repair Singapore, then consider visiting us. We, at Mobile Labb, have professionals with more than 10 years of experience with IOS devices, their motherboard or screen repair, and replacements inclusive of iPhone battery replacement Singapore.

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Seek help from professional iPhone repair stores in Singapore

  • We provide the best service with the most talented professionals with more than a decade of experience with iOS devices, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We have a faster turnaround time and you do not need to rush repeatedly for the same issue. We value your time and provide our best services within 60 minutes or less depending on the repair.
  • We provide you with 10 days of warranty after the repair is done.

Today, even a minor iPhone battery replacement cost is high, so people need to think twice before moving to a shop. Hence, it is important to find the most suitable store that understands its customers’ value, as we at Mobile Labb do.