Huawei Camera Repairs In Singapore

Huawei Camera Repairs In Singapore

When your smartphone or tablet’s camera malfunctions, it’s typically not as annoying as missing a few of the phone’s other features. However, at Mobile Labbs, we understand that everyone depends on our phones’ cameras to record special occasions, document activities, and share data.

Having efficient expertise in repairing and servicing cameras and lenses, we specialize in Huawei camera repair service Singapore. Several delighted clients who had their cameras and lenses serviced in Singapore mark us undoubtedly the most acceptable service providers for servicing or repairing your photographic equipment, like your Huawei Smartphone cameras. Our specialized camera repair expert with over 10 years of experience, excel in repairing and servicing reputable brands.

Tips to protect mobile phone lens camera from damage

When handling digital cameras, like with most electronic items, additional caution is required. They have delicate elements that could be destroyed if mishandled. These are the most frequent techniques for maintaining your camera so that you can utilize it for a prolonged period.

  • Should use tempered glass. 

You may believe that everyone is aware of why this is a piece of valuable advice for us, and while this is true, some individuals will opt not to utilize tempered glass on their screens. Because everyone believes that the Corning gorilla glass would prevent the smartphone from any harm, and other people choose not to use tempered glass.

  • Phone Camera Shield

There are a plethora of lens shields on the market; attempt to pick the correct one and secure it to the back camera. Even if you have the stricter glass, it cannot ensure that it will not collapse under any circumstances.

  • Clean it on a routine basis.

Usually, this is the essential item you should do regularly; alternatively, dust would collect upon each element of your device, and dirt may accidentally enter the camera lens.

What is the best technique to clean the camera lens on your mobile phone?

We don’t take the same caution with our smartphone cameras as we do with our DSLR cameras. Now and then, the smartphone slips. It is stowed away in our pocket or purse. Every day, the lens needs to fight dirt, fat, fingerprints, and grit. Being a smartphone camera these days is not pleasant. 

As a result, it is even more critical to clean the lens frequently. Here are a few suggestions for cleaning your smartphone:

  • Brush away dust and sand using a lens pen. 
  • Fingerprints, water stains, and oil deposits can all be removed with a smooth or microfiber cloth. 
  • Another option for dirt and particle removal is to use compressed air from a canister. Apply it from at least a foot away and opt for the chemical-free variety.
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services

What should you avoid using?

  • To clean the lens, do not use any chemicals such as soap, ammonia, or alcohol. It has the potential to harm or degrade the lens’ integrity. 
  • Do not use toilet paper. It may appear soft, but it is capable of scratching. Furthermore, they can shed, resulting in more dust rather than less.

Why Choose Mobile Labbs For Huawei Camera Repair?

  • Quick service 

We realize how valuable your time is. Within 30 minutes, our technician could repair your smartphone.

  • Professionals with a Certification

Our technicians have years of experience in the field. You may rest sure that your gadget is in good hands.

  • Warranty: 6 MONTHS

We provide a six-month warranty. Our staff will provide you with all warranty-related details.

  • Transparency 

We give clients a comprehensive, accurate, and accurate disclosure of data. 

  • E-waste disposal 

Electronic garbage is directed to a licensed recycler for safe transportation and disposal.

We are a reputable mobile repair company that provides same-day Huawei camera repair service. Feel free to call us for a doorstep repair service, or we will get you up and leave you off with the mobile screen replacement taking as little as 90 minutes.


Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to protect your iphone battery life

  • Pay attention to how hot or cold your phone becomes
  • Do not close your applications
  • Use low power mode
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the go
  • However, connect to Wi-Fi when available
  • Find out the most battery consuming apps
  • Turn down your brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth while you are at it
  • Refresh background apps
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Ditch vibrate mode
  • Always install iOS updates
  • Check battery performance

Why Mobile Labb?

If you are facing trouble in finding an appropriate place for iPhone repair Singapore, then consider visiting us. We, at Mobile Labb, have professionals with more than 10 years of experience with IOS devices, their motherboard or screen repair, and replacements inclusive of iPhone battery replacement Singapore.

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Seek help from professional iPhone repair stores in Singapore

  • We provide the best service with the most talented professionals with more than a decade of experience with iOS devices, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.


  • We have a faster turnaround time and you do not need to rush repeatedly for the same issue. We value your time and provide our best services within 60 minutes or less depending on the repair.


  • We provide you with 30 days of warranty after the repair is done. 100 days original parts replacement warrenty.


Today, even a minor iPhone battery replacement cost is high, so people need to think twice before moving to a shop. Hence, it is important to find the most suitable store that understands its customers’ value, as we at Mobile Labb do.