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How to Improve Durability of Your Samsung Mobile

One of the critical purposes of the technological gadget is to provide portability and ease of use. Mobile devices have truly transformed our connections and day-to-day activities. From online shopping to business dealings, we cannot survive without mobile devices. Popular brands like Samsung provides exceptional features and advanced technology to enhance user experience. No matter your Samsung model’s top-notch, you might need to go for Samsung repair in Singapore. Some costly maintenance can make you think if a replacement is better than repairing. 

To avoid additional expenses, a few practices can increase your Samsung phone’s durability. Otherwise, you can always consider MobileLabb phone repair in Singapore.

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Practical Tips to Increase Samsung’s Durability

We have an attachment to our mobile devices. With time, we become comfortable with its use. Upgrading your phone is fascinating, but it also involves getting used to a new interface. The battery is a crucial component in increasing or decreasing durability. Whether mobile or a laptop, it can save you from frequent repairs. Let’s go through some pro tips that can increase your Samsung’s life. 

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness

Full-screen brightness can drain your battery. When you want to use the mobile, adjust the brightness accordingly. Full brightness is usually required in daylight when the sunlight exposure is higher and makes it difficult to see the screen. In standard lighting, you can manage with balanced brightness. Once you have used your phone, reduce the brightness. 

Longer screen lockout time can also drain your battery. Your mobile screen will be active for that specific duration. Set a shorter screen lock time to save your battery. 

  1. Buy Protective Covers

Do you remember how much you saved up to buy your current phone? We all are pretty concerned about our new mobile phones. We place them carefully and make sure it doesn’t get scratched. With time, we come more casual and pay less attention to protection. It is best to invest in high-quality protective covers. Screen protectors are essential. You will need a Samsung mobile repair if it gets broken or damaged. Particular damage can mess up the functionality of the phone. MobileLabb phone repair Singapore provides extensive mobile services with professionalism and excellency. If you need one, connect with the team to learn more about Samsung mobile repairs. 

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  1. Uninstall Extra Applications

While scrolling through the Play Store, we often download applications out of interest that we don’t use regularly. We usually don’t realize that some extra applications might be high battery usage applications. Not only will it take up space, but it will slow down mobile functionality. Go through your applications and uninstall unnecessary applications. You can also control your apps through your settings. Regularly check for application updates. But set permission for app updating. 

  1. Do Not Overcharge Your Phone

Overcharging your phone can lead to overheating and battery damage. If you are about to sleep, it is not a good idea to plug in your charger. As chance are, you probably will sleep, and your phone will continue on the power supply for hours. Charging constantly, even if the battery isn’t really low, can also affect mobile durability. Turn on power-saving mode. It optimizes power usage. Your mobile will function to close the unnecessary apps and extra screens to provide a sustainable battery. 

  1. Turn off Connectivity Options

Other than phone calls, we use mobile phones for internet surfing. Connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will eat up your battery. More extended usage can also heat your phone, which can be dangerous. Once you have used connectivity, turn them off to avoid further battery drainage. 

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  1. Get Your Data Back Up

One of the most recommended activities is always to take back up your data. We store valuable information and beautiful memories. No matter how well you take care of your mobile, technology is not fully fail-proof. In the case of Samsung repair in Singapore, the service might require a factory reset resulting in the loss of entire data. 

Where to Get Samsung Repair in Singapore?

You will need a Samsung repair in Singapore if you observe some hitches in your mobile, like slow functioning, hanging, or broken screen. A faulty mobile phone can cause distress as we have valuable information in it. MobileLabb phone repair in Singapore has ten years of industrial experience. We specialize in all various repairs and replacements.

If you are troubled with your Samsung phone, you can contact our support team to learn more about repair services.

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