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How Can You Make Your iPhone More Secure?

In this digital era, we rely on gadgets for our daily use. There was a time when the phone was used just for social connections. But now we carry our whole office on our mobile phones. With the integration of applications and the internet in mobiles, we save our essential information. It has made work portable and accessible. But with all the advancements come threats as well. 

We have seen a drastic increase in security and privacy violations. People are now concerned because their personal information, like bank account details and more, is vulnerable. In counter to the threats, adequate measures are taken to ensure the safety of private data. For any physical or software malfunction, you can visit any phone repair service center in Singapore. For an expert fix, you can consider Mobilelabb Singapore. They can fix any mobile brand from Samsung, Xiaomi to an iPhone. Whether an iPhone user, you can opt for iPhone repair services at Mobilelabb Singapore. 

Is Your iPhone Secure?

With the increased privacy concerns, mobile brands are planning better security integrations. Talking about iPhones, Apple provides user-driven strategies for better performance. iOS systems are harder to hack as compared to android. iOS and Apple devices are linked to delivering further user control. But hackers are notorious. For a regular repair, you can go to a nearby phone repair service centre in Singapore or Mobilelabb. Protecting your iPhone from exploits is different from iPhone repair services. Here is a to-do list to make your iPhone more secure for extra protection and security. 

  1. Allow Two-Step Verification:

 This method is now commonly used to ensure that the account is accessible only to you. Set up for two-step verification for your Apple ID. You will have to authenticate every time you log in. When someone tries to reach your private accounts, you will get notified and can take the required actions. 

  1. Create Secure Folders:

Install a third-party application called PicVault. You can create a secure folder with a code to ensure additional security. Store your pictures and valuable information in the folder. You can create a PIN to access the folder. Make sub-folders for better organization of data. You can also e-mail your files from the secure folder to any other. 

  1. Bye-Bye to Siri:

An enabled voice assistant can be appealing and helpful. But it increases the threat of security invasion. Turn off Siri on your iPhone because hackers can trick your iPhone Siri to give them access to your phone. 

  1. Reduce Accessible Applications on Your Lock Screen:

iPhone users can allow limited access to specific applications and features even on a locked screen. For example, you can read your text messages but have to unlock your phone for replying. Hackers can get information about your data from accessible applications on the lock screen. With this, they can enter your iPhone without breaking the lock. Reduce your applications on the lock screen, so no one gets clues from them. 

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  1. Turn on the “Find My iPhone” Option:

You will get a mini-heart attack if you have lost your iPhone. You will instantly think of the valuable data and memorable pictures your iPhone contains. Luckily, an iPhone has an option to locate your lost iPhone through another iPhone. If you cannot find it, you can erase data to make sure your information is not misused. 

  1. Turn off WIFI When Not Using:

We all have the habit of constantly using the internet, especially social media applications. One of the lesser-known facts is that these applications can track your phone activities even when you are not using them. Thoroughly check your social media privacy settings and turn off your WIFI connection when not using it. Hackers can get access to your social media profiles and eventually land on your iPhone. 

  1. Regularly Update iPhone Software:

Although the iPhone is concerned when it comes to protection and software coding. But like any software, there can be flaws. Apple regularly updates and upgrades its software for more excellent functioning and security. If you have an older version, there are chances that hackers may have found a loose point of the older software version which can lead to exploitation and exposure to your data. 

  1. Carefully Select Your Tech Expert:

A local phone repair service center in Singapore can have hidden hackers. Instead of fixing your iPhone, they might be hacking it. Ensure you go to trusted places for iPhone repair services. You can indeed consider Mobilelabb Singapore for ethical and professional tech experts. 

  1. Avoid Downloading Unnecessary Apps:

Questionable applications might contain malicious elements putting your iPhone into harm. There are similar-looking applications of the original, confusing the person and making them download a malicious app. Hackers can easily access private information from the affected iPhone with these apps. Uninstall any application which you don’t use.

  1. Browse the Internet with VPN:

Using a VPN can add a security layer when connecting to different WIFI. It will encrypt your internet traffic and usage, making it harder to crack for hackers. Also, when browsing the internet, avoid accepting cookies. Although cookies themselves are not harmful, hackers can sniff and exploit them through the accepted internet cookies. 

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Whether you are an iPhone or a Samsung user, your mobile device is vulnerable to exploitation. Adding additional security layers will help you ensure that your data is safe. Never ignore any suspicious activity you feel on your phone. Get it immediately checked and transfer or erase your valuable personal data for any adverse scenario.

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