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Difference between Local and Authorized Phone Repair Centres; here is Your Guide

Today’s digital age has made it difficult for people to stay out of touch with their phones. That’s why you become frustrated when your phone stops working. Phone repair centres have also become very popular with the continuous evolution of smartphones and the introduction of various brands manufacturing phones. You can see Phone Repair and Service Centres in Singapore on almost every street. Mobile phones can be damaged in many ways, including hardware damage or software damage.

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So, when your phone is damaged, you have two choices, whether you should fix your phone or replace it. Fixing your phone seems to be a more wise decision for you. But here is a catch. Some people ignore the importance of choosing the right phone repair centre to save some dollars. This could lead you to additional issues with your phone. One of Singapore’s leading Phone Repair centres is Mobilelabb Phone Repair and Service Centre, Singapore. They contain a team of highly professional and skilled technicians that have a deep understanding of the mobile functioning of every brand.

Many users are attracted to the most accessible and affordable options for phone repair. So, they might choose the wrong phone repair and service centre in Singapore. In this way, people increase their problems rather than solve them. But some people prefer authorized phone repair centres too. Well, the point is, what the difference between third-party and legitimate phone repair centres is? What should be your choice for repairing your phone? 

Authorized Phone Repair Centres

Such phone repair centres that mobile manufacturers set up to facilitate phone repair services covered by the genuine manufacturer’s warranty are considered Authorized Phone Repair Centres. All phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Sony, LG, Google, Oppo, Vivo, etc., facilitate people with their own authorized repair shops that provide products still under warranty by the company without canceling warranty. Any repairs from repair centres other than authorized nullify the warranty. 

Local or Third-Party Phone Repair Centres

In Singapore, local phone repair centers work independently and provide their own set of repair services. They are not authorized by any manufacturer and offer their services voluntarily. They provide customer support free from any original equipment manufacturer. They are a cheaper alternative to the authorized repair centres, but the quality standards of such third-party phone repair centres may vary.

If you are searching for a reliable phone repair center in Singapore, connect with Mobilelabb Phone Repair Centre, Singapore. They are providing iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung Phone Repair Services.

Why Mobilelabb Phone Repair Centre, Singapore?

● Original quality products for replacement

● 30-day warranty on all repairs

● 100 days warranty on original product replacement

● Free Consultation

● Fast repair service, usually 15-45 minutes

Both Phone Repair Centres provide repair services, but they have some differences. You should be aware of such differences to make a more effective decision while choosing any repair shop for yourself. Here is your guide to the main differences between the two;

Original Spare Parts

The critical difference between authorized and third-party repair centres is the quality of parts they install in your phone when you go for replacement. Most third-party repair centres install low-quality spare parts. In contrast, authorized repair centres deal with original and authentic replacement parts. Therefore, please go to the authorized repair centres. Still, some local repair centres also provide you with reliable services. 

Free Repair

Authorized Phone Repair Services benefit you with a free repair service if you still have a warranty period on your phone. In comparison, local Phone repair centres do not give you this facility. Usually, phones come with a warranty of 1 year or more, so you can enjoy your security throughout that period. The repair of any natural damages would be free if you go to the repair centres authorized by your phone manufacturer. 

The Quality of Phone Repair

Both local and authorized phone repair centres differ in the quality of their repair services. At the same time, there are many reliable and trustworthy phone repair centres available that are not authorized but still provide excellent quality. Still, authorized phone repair centres are considered more reliable, and you can hand your phone more confidently. Official phone repair services better know the functioning of phones of a particular brand since different phones require repair differently. 

Repair Warranty

After-sales services are another differentiating factor between local and authorized phone repair centres. Authorized phone repair centres give a limited warranty after the phone repair. On the other hand, only a few local phone repair services offer you after-sales services. Mobilelabb phone repair and service centre, Singapore, offer their customers 30 days warranty on all repair services. So, you don’t have to make the payment again if the phone is still facing the same issue within 30 days. 


It is another factor to consider while choosing between local and authorized phone repair services. Authorized phone repair centres are too costly, and they take a long time to repair your phone. These are the factors that most people prefer local phone repair services. First, they are affordable, and secondly, you do not have to wait longer to get your phone repaired. 

Customer Support

Authorized and local phone repair services are also comparable because of their customer support. Official repair services provide you with excellent customer support. While you might not experience better customer support at local phone repair centres, many local service providers are still good at customer support. 


No matter which repairs Centre you choose, make sure to do your complete research and then make any decision. Phone repair requires particular expertise, so do your homework before concluding to hand over your phone to any. If you are in Singapore and have any issues with your phone, visit or contact Mobilelabb Phone Repair Centre, Singapore. Their team is very cooperative and always ready to serve you.

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