Oppo R15 Pro Repair In Singapore

Oppo is the sole innovative telecommunication brand that bestirred itself to prominence with a constantly expanding market. The most salient feature of a cell phone is its camera, that’s what makes Oppo phones incomparable. Oppo phones are illustrious for their groovy make up and exceptional camera capabilities. Over and above that, their prices are at rock bottom, adding on, their user-friendly features make them quintessential for anyone who is barging into the smartphone world.


The numerable mount up in the demand of mobile phones will spontaneously rise up the exigency of mending and replacing services. Oppo clients will expect high-quality services for their phones, ergo Mobile Labb’s services are infallibly here to assist you with your Oppo R15 Pro smartphone repair and replacements.


Smartphones are prone to screen breaking, system defaults, blackouts, unresponsiveness, frozen buttons, and uncountable other issues. Our Oppo R15 Pro smartphone repair service center in Singapore is within easy reach to deal with all of the problems with LCD phone screens, software, and innards in a way that will be convenient and economical for the customers.

Our customer care center offers the services illustrated below:

  • Motherboard repair
  • Fingerprint sensor issue
  • Home button issue
  • Data recovery
  • Screen LCD replacement
  • Water damaged repairs
  • Charging port repair
  • Phone stuck in recovery mode issues
  • IMEI repair
  • Top speaker replacement
  • Sound button issue
  • Front and rear camera issues
  • Back glass repair

Oppo R15 Pro Screen Replacement

Damaged screens make it tough for users to operate their phones, which can be annoying and can lead to finger injuries. To cope up with the issue, the screens should not be left exposed because they can do more harm than good. To get assistance from the Oppo R15 Pro Phone screen replacement process, you must immediately call the pros.

Mobile Labb Phone Repair Singapore
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services Singapore

Common Issues With Fixes Of Oppo R15 Pro

–  Battery drainage issue


  • Turn the GPS on and off according to need
  • Keep the brightness at an optimum level
  • Avoid downloading applications from platforms other than the play store
  • Refrain from installing any antiviral application.


–  Slow interface


  • Keep updating the apps regularly
  • Keep the RAM clean
  • Use applications with the lite version


– Slow charging


  • Malware or a phone virus can cause this, ergo make sure to wipe them.
  • Avoid using power saving mode.
  • Check for a poor power source


– Fingerprint sensor malfunction.


  • Free the phone’s storage space
  • Don’t allow dust and dirt to settle
  • Remove and re-add the fingerprint
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure to the scanner
  • Restart the scanner from the factory


–  Problems with overheating


  • A simple restart may resolve the issue.
  • Make sure the charger is in good working order by closing all background programs.
  • Don’t overcharge the phone
  • Keep an eye out for bugs and update them regularly


–  Bluetooth connectivity difficulties


  • Try a general reboot to see if it helps, otherwise visit customer service center
  • Don’t transfer a large amount of data at once
  • Clear the cache
  • Don’t impose any limitations

The Best Oppo R15 Pro Repair CenterIn Singapore

If you are searching for the best service provider for your Oppo repair, Mobile Labb could be the most ideal and reliable place for you. We offer a wide range of services, inclusive of Oppo R15 Pro repair services. At Mobile Labbs, we come up with the most qualified and skilled technicians available for you.


We substantiate that the clients’ complaint is not postponed until the next day, and that each repair is brought about within 60 minutes. Moreover, a-few minor repairs will only take a few minutes. When you visit us, the Oppo R15 Pro phone repair cost will not be an issue because we offer absolutely reasonable repairs. Furthermore, on the reparation of an item, we provide a 10-day warranty on innards to our customers. With a range of services, we pay attention to the tiniest aspects that consumers desire while getting their phones repaired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the replacement part new?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the replacement part come with a warranty?
A. Yes. All new replacement parts come with a manufacturer warranty.

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