Huawei Mate 10 Repair In Singapore

It is par for the course with the Huawei Mate 10 to suffer technical troubles and accidental drops as an impact of constant aspects like others. Smartphones have become deeply integrated into people’s lives as they can save all the repository of information about you, whether it is for business or other life demands. Despite that, when it comes to smartphone safety, miscellaneous outbreaks can cause various breakdowns on your device, which can be frustrating.

Our Huawei repair service center in Singapore is always advocating for critical repairs and maintenance of the Huawei series of phones. Here, at Mobile Labb, we propose effective and efficient phone repair services seeking a positive customer experience. We provide you with well-trained phone repair and servicing specialists with more than 10 years of expertise to ensure the excellence of procured results. On top of that, we respect our clients’ time and make sure to finish the work on the same day taking minimum time, as little as 60 mins*.

Our Huawei Mate 10 phone repair center provide various services inclusive of:

  • Water damage
  • Battery drainage
  • Screen replacement
  • Power button issues
  • Charging port reparation
  • Calling issues
  • Camera reparation
  • Speaker reparation and replacement
  • Back Glass replacement
  • Data recovery

Common Issues And Solutions Of Huawei Mate 10

  • Non-responsive screen: Although this is one of Huawei’s less prevalent difficulties, it can cause problems if the phone hangs or the screen goes blank.


  • Damaged screen: While the Huawei nova is quite durable, it is not indestructible in the meantime. Accidental drops or normal wear and tear can break or damage the screen. On that account, getting your Huawei Mate 10 screen replacement can be an ideal option for it on top of anything.


  • Heating issue: Substantial reasons such as leaving the phone on charge after fully charging or keeping it in an extreme temperature of your home environment and many more can cause heating of the phone.


  • Camera issues: If your camera has begun to show signs of damage, such as fuzzy photos, green flashes and other issues, have it repaired straight away before the situation worsens.


  • Battery life: If you notice that charging is becoming slower, the charger or the battery may be malfunctioning. Examine the charging speed of the wall outlet from another charger. If that does not help or if you are having issues like overheating, you should consider replacing the battery.


  • Liquid damage: If you accidentally drop your phone into salt or sugar-based liquid, make sure to wash it with normal water before drying it. It will probably require professional assistance but you can at least dry it well before.


Mobile Labb Phone Repair Singapore
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services Singapore

Things To Do Before Moving To A Repair Center

Before making headway to phone repair center, don’t forget to turn off the phone and make a complete backup of your data. Set out by checking multiple fixes for various difficulties and the Huawei Mate 10 phone repair cost.

Tips For Maintenance Of The Huawei Mate 10

  • Use thin back covers instead of thick ones for proper ventilation.
  • Avoid playing games while your phone is in charge.
  • Avoid installing games and apps that are not supported on your smartphone.
  • Update your phone regularly.
  • Replace the battery if it is very old.
  • Download apps from the play store rather than downloading from the internet.
  • Turn off the GPS when not in need.
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications.
  • Do not keep the power-saving mode for long to save battery life.
  • Connect your phone to your PC or laptop and run a quick scan with Quick Heal or another reliable antivirus. Subsequently, this operation will help you to remove the infection from your phone.
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Why Choose Mobile LabbFor Huawei Mate 10 Repair In Singapore?

Our basis at Mobile Labb is to make sure that you get extraordinary service at the best price. We have been in the phone repair business for more than 10 years and have had a terrific time. We provide exceptional customer service and only hire qualified professionals to work with your device.

We provide explicit service demands that are not limited to just screen and battery damages, but a variety of other services inclusive of the Huawei Mate 10 repair services. What’s more, we endorse you with a 30-day warranty to make sure that all repair works are completed properly, followed by a free diagnosis of your device’s issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the replacement part new?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the replacement part come with a warranty?
A. Yes. All new replacement parts come with a manufacturer warranty.

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