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iPhone Charging Port Repair

As your phone is a very important investment, make sure to have it repaired by a reputable phone repair company.

We at Mobile Labb have a team of very experienced and well-skilled professionals with 10 years of service and repair experience in the field.

If your iPhone is facing any issue with the charging port and need to get it repaired or serviced, you can rely on us with competency in the services we provide.

Reasons why iPhone charging ports stop working

If the charging port on your iPhone stops working, it is a very frustrating. There are numerous reasons for this problem. Some of them are:

  • Defective charger – A charger is the most important part when it comes to charging your phones. Check if your connector pins and cables are working fine or not, whenever you notice issues like slower charging. Use another charger to compare the functioning. Using the wrong charger or a cheap one for your iPhone can easily damage the charging port
  • Dirty charging port – Dust particles can accumulate in the charging port if you do not clean it regularly. These dust and debris may slow the charging or functioning of the port. You can hence; use metal tweezers to clean the charging ports. However, avoid using delicate or sharp objects for cleaning.
  • Non-functional power outlet – A defective power outlet can be another reason for a failing charging port. It prevents efficient delivery of voltage to the charger, affecting the port. This later will need to consider an iPhone charging port repair.

Therefore, you should replace the power outlet. Make sure the USB wall adapter and charging cord are securely connected. Choose a power outlet that is the greatest fit for your iPhone charger.

Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services
Mobilelabb Mobile Phone Repair Services
Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips for maintaining the iPhone charging port

  • Switch off your phone: Sometimes despite the wall adapter functioning properly, the phone software suffers malfunction, resulting in the battery status meter not changing and affecting the port. Turning off your phone might resolve the problem. Switch it on after a while and then try charging it.
  • You must follow certain cleaning tips for a better charging port :

Nothing wet, not even a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, should be inserted into the iPhone charging port.

    • Nothing metal should be inserted into the iPhone charging port. If you need to remove obstinate debris from your charging port, avoid using a paperclip, safety pin, or any other metal object.
    • You might like to blow dust and lint out of the charging port on your iPhone with compressed air. While this may work, however, Apple warns against cleaning your gadgets with compressed air or other aerosols.
    • Because the pins within your charging port are fragile, breaking them may prohibit your iPhone from charging. When cleaning the charging port, be careful to use as little force as possible.

What can Mobile Labb iPhone repair Singapore do for you?

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Mobile Labb iPhone Repair Service Centre Singapore provides great repair services for issues related to iPhones. There may be other inexpensive retailers that you want to consider to save your cost. However, inexperience retailer might not be able to support you in a long run. We at Mobile Labb provide the best iPhone repair services such as charging port repairs and other repair services such as iPhone battery replacement

– Our motto is to provide fast and efficient service that lasts long. We will try to resolve all dysfunctionality in your device after the visit with us. 

– We not only provide quality phone repair services but also offer our customers specified warranty period for all repair works done by us.

– We value our customers’ time, hence, providing the fastest repair services of a maximum of 60 minutes*. 

– You can trust us with an affordable range of iPhone repairs.

With our quality services and customer satisfaction gestures, we have established ourselves as one of the best iPhone repair and service center in Singapore.