Samsung Tablets Battery Replacement/ Motherboard Repair

Samsung Tablet Battery Replacement

Looking for a reliable Samsung Tablet battery replacement in Singapore? We, at Mobile Labbs, have the best-trained workers who conduct their excellence in repairs work of all smartphones, smart watches, and tablets, of all the brands, including Samsung. All Samsung repairs like replacing the battery or the motherboard are done in minimal time possible with proper security and guaranteed services, which makes us the most reliable battery replacement center in Singapore.

What Are The Steps You Can Follow When Your Samsung Tablet Is Not Charging?

  • Checking

First of all, it is always suggested to use the official Samsung charger which comes with the tablet. You can also check if there is any damage to your charging port or the cable. If so then you should immediately stop the charge. For checking the charging port you can switch off the tablet and then see inside it using a torch. Whereas regarding the cable you can use a different one.

  • Water and moisture

If your device is detecting water you can probably turn off your device and if the water detection still shows up you can clear the cache for USB. This water detection is shown on your device like a drop structure or a message can simply occur. So do check it after the following steps.

The steps for clearing the cache from USB are as follows:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select the Apps option.
  • Click the three dots option from the top right corner and tap show systems app.
  • Select USB settings.
  • Go to its storage and clear data or clear cache.


  • Safe mode

You can start your Samsung tablet in safe mode from the following steps:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Click the power button and volume down button simultaneously and hold.
  • On the left corner, you will see the safe mode appearing.
  • Charge your device again.
  • If it didn’t worked then exit the safe mode by turning off your device again and opening it. If the issue continues then follow the next step which is the perfect one and the confirmed one for repairing the battery of your tablet.


  • Replacing battery

If your Samsung tablet is not charging quickly or doesn’t charge at all then it’s time for the replacement of the battery. In such a case you should never try to open the seal and replace the battery by own rather than taking help from professionals. Opening the seal of your tablet may even cause more damage than you think so don’t try it or your whole tablet would be in trouble.

The best place to visit for your Samsung tablet battery replacement is us. You can see all our certifications and services here. Go check it out but before that go through the further points.

Why Choose Us For Samsung Tablet Battery Replacement?

  • We are a Samsung independent repairer, possessing genuine components of Samsung, which are A grades coming directly from the company.
  • With all the experience for years, we also have proven certifications that showcase our working tendencies, including the CaseTrust certifications.
  • Our delivery service is up to time with proper measures taken.
  • We have the easiest way of communication through our website for repairs.
  • All the quotations and important details are provided online.

Therefore as an authorized service provider, we provide genuine batteries or motherboards for the repair of your Samsung Tablet. Our reliable Samsung Tablet battery replacement in Singapore is pretty affordable as compared to others. So hurry up and get on to contact website page for any queries or problems you are facing with your device. We are all ready to assist you most easily way ever in the best possible way.

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Samsung Tablet Battery Battery Replacement
Mobile Labb Phone Repair and Servicing Singapore

Tips to protect your iphone battery life

  • Pay attention to how hot or cold your phone becomes
  • Do not close your applications
  • Use low power mode
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the go
  • However, connect to Wi-Fi when available
  • Find out the most battery consuming apps
  • Turn down your brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth while you are at it
  • Refresh background apps
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Ditch vibrate mode
  • Always install iOS updates
  • Check battery performance

Why Mobile Labb?

If you are facing trouble in finding an appropriate place for iPhone repair Singapore, then consider visiting us. We, at Mobile Labb, have professionals with more than 10 years of experience with IOS devices, their motherboard or screen repair, and replacements inclusive of iPhone battery replacement Singapore.

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  • We have a faster turnaround time and you do not need to rush repeatedly for the same issue. We value your time and provide our best services within 60 minutes or less depending on the repair.


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Today, even a minor iPhone battery replacement cost is high, so people need to think twice before moving to a shop. Hence, it is important to find the most suitable store that understands its customers’ value, as we at Mobile Labb do.